How to Love Who You Are

By choosing your way into your most authentic self.

Your values guide your life. So, if you make good choices, you will love your life. If you make good choices, you will love who you are, because you love what you’re choosing

And you love what you’re choosing when your choices are in alignment with your values.

If you have to self-abandon or sell out your values in order to be in any relationship, it’s not you who’s in that relationship. It’s an actor. It’s a person with a mask on, playing a role, saying, “I love this and this. I believe this and this. This is who I am!” 

But it’s not who you are. And when you’re only presenting a mask, people never get to know the real you. You’re hiding the real you. So, you never feel fully loved, because you’re never fully expressed. You’re not fully seen even by yourself. 

Fully expressing yourself requires a lot of work and a lot of gentleness. You might take a chance and show a big part of you only to have it be rejected. But, more often than not, it will also be celebrated.

Along the way, you’ll realise that you still have so many more parts of you to show. You’ll think, “Man, I need to be more. I need to speak more…” And once that awareness cracks open, it can’t be undone.

As you express more of yourself, you might feel a twinge of hesitance. This might arise in the form of a thought like, “Whoa, I heard my volume get loud…” 

Yeah, now you know what you’re capable of! Now you’re learning your full range. You’re discovering the parts of you that feel the most exciting and most important to you.

This discovery helps you more easily identify who is or isn’t an aligned match. Because you’ve caught a glimpse of your bright light. You know its feeling, its warmth. And when someone tries to dim that light, you’re like, “Ah, f*ck man, but that expression felt so good in my heart. It felt good in my root chakra…” 

You know what I mean? You feel this sense of rightness inside. This spark. It’s like a lightning bolt in the ass. I mean, I don’t know what a real lightning bolt in the ass feels like… But it’s gotta be a charge, right? It gets you going.

You can’t pretend you don’t know the feeling I’m getting at. You can’t pretend that you don’t know the truth once you’ve touched it. You can’t pretend that you don’t know your capabilities or your power once you’ve sensed them… 

And if you’re still hiding your real self—your full power—you can’t pretend you don’t know that either. You might even be sensing a little discomfort as you read this…

In either case, that somatic knowledge becomes your guiding light—a compass pointing to True Self. It’s always calling you toward full self-expression, and being the “you” that you can be madly in love with.

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