Create The Love Cards

Create The Love Cards

Connect Deeper, Love Better

Curated questions designed to spark meaningful communication and strengthen relationships. Deck consists of 80 dating question cards created by Human Connection Specialist Mark Groves. Every card includes one of “Mark’s Remarks” to help guide your experience. Four card sections allow you to choose the depth of your discussion – from Foreplay to Too Much Information!

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Light-hearted to spark a connection, whether you’re on a first date, having fun with friends, or reminiscing with your long-term partner.

Building Chemistry

Turn slow burns into big bangs with compatibility questions designed to spark a reaction! Discover elements you have in common and watch your magnetic pull become a lasting bond.

Diving Deeper

F*ck all that fluff and get into the deep stuff with your special someone while learning more about yourself and what makes you both tick.

Too Much Info

Discover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your partner…and a few things you didn’t! Delve into the weird, wonderful, and downright embarrassing. After all, oversharing is care.

“I’ve built this card deck with the purpose of strengthening relationships while promoting healthier conversations and deeper connections. I hope you enjoy using this deck as much as I enjoyed creating it.”
– Mark Groves

What’re you waiting for?

All you need are these cards, an open mind…and maybe tacos.

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