Create The Love Cards

Ready to improve all your relationships? 

Looking to connect deeper & love better? Want to have fun while getting closer? Need a gift that stands the test of time? THESE ARE THE CARDS YOU NEED. *trust me, I made them just for you!

Do you want to date better?

  • Stop wasting your time on time wasters - Figure out if your compatible on a first date!
  • Rekindle that flame with your long term partner.
  • Take the guesswork and stress out of friendships and partnership by getting to know each other deeper.
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Mark’s remarks on every card.
Having a relationship guru in the palm of your hand helps you facilitate healthier conversations, every time.

"These cards are wonderful! I played the game one evening with my boyfriend and then the next night with a couple girlfriends! We all had a wonderful time getting to learn more about each other. I highly recommend these!"

How to play

  1. Pull a card
  2. Answer honestly
  3. Listen without judgment
  4. Love deeper, connect better
  5. Repeat

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