Relationships Starter Course

A 7-day deep dive into a better understanding of relationships. (Formerly Relationships 101)

If you’re new to relational wellness, this is the course for you. If you want to have amazing relationships in your life, you’ve got to start by examining your underlying beliefs, the things you were taught, and how you can play your part in getting the love you seek. There’s nothing as amazing as knowing that you have full power over the way your relationships turn out. Start here!


This course is for you if:

  • You find yourself saying, “My [insert caretaker’s name here] was right, there are no good men/women/people out there” or “There are no date-able people in my city.”
  • You find yourself saying, “It’s not me—it’s them” or “I just have the worst luck in relationships.”
  • You feel like you only keep attracting dysfunctional people.
  • You feel like people only want sex these days.
  • You feel like everyone has narcissistic tendencies.
  • As soon as you find someone nice, you feel like they stop trying.
  • You feel like no one takes commitment seriously these days.
  • You feel like there is always something missing from your relationships.
  • You’re not 100% what it is exactly that you want out of a relationship.

Did you answer “YES” to one or more of these questions?! ME TOO. Till I learned how to call out exactly what it is that I want and feel damn good about it. Let’s learn how to call in the love you seek!


You’ll know you have a healthy relationship when:

You communicate your needs clearly.

You know what you want and you ask for it. You make it known right away and you act and speak the way you want to be treated. You meet what it is that you want, and won’t take any less.

You are loved, prioritized, and safe.

You make sure that you love and prioritize yourself, and you receive it right back in return. Your relationship is open and honest, and that includes having safe space to share your deepest real feels.

You feel whole.

You feel connected to YOU, and you don’t need someone else to complete you. You are confident and calm, and know that what you seek will meet you where you are. What you are is what comes back to you.


This course includes:

  • 7 days of lessons in love with videos from Mark helping you master the most important aspects of relational wellness
  • A deep dive into figuring out exactly what you want and how you plan to get it
  • A 7-day workbook with powerful exercises to help you claim what you really want and deserve so you can get it faster
  • Cheatsheet check-lists and guides to deal-breakers to help sort thru the wrong people faster and get the qualities in a relationship that you deserve
  • This is the perfect course for anyone who is new to Create The Love and the area of relational wellness

Make this your first course with us!


Are you tired of having the same relationships on repeat?

If you want everyone around you to behave with integrity, to love you, to honour you, to appreciate you, to support you, to value you, to give to you, and to invite you to grow and change—you have to become all of those things. Your life has to embody what you want. If you want to find the one, be the one. Are you ready to dive deep into this magical journey with me?!